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Bed & Breakfast AL MAGO RANCH - Rifugio Cavalli - ASD Equestre - Cingoli (Macerata) Italia


Vacations to Italy green, nature, animals and relax

The Bed and Breakfast "Al Mago Ranch" is situated in a farmhouse in a perfectly quiet area, immersed in the green countryside of the Marche region (Central-Italy).

vacanze e soggiorno al Mago Ranch

A real style of life founded on the contact with the nature, on the respect and the love for the animals.

vacanze in appartamento case-vacanze affitto MarcheSTRUCTURE and ACCOMMODATION

The property is large and fully furnished, rooms and a private bathroom independent , living room with fireplace . Access is directly from the large enclosed garden, for the exclusive use of the guests.


Prices vacations moderate

animali ammessi e benvenuti indistintamente da razza e taglia



PETS FRENDLY and welcomes

If you don't want to leave your pets at home (dogs, cats, horses, etc.), you can bring them with you: THEY'LL BE MORE THAN WELCOME!

For them, a fenced area where they can run freely and without danger.



cavalli maltrattati della LAV e della Protezione Animali



Our center has been occupying him for different years of the recovery and the rehabilitation of the horses maltreatments, to end career, giving him a life and a dignified old age in a pleasant and absorbed environment in the green. And only thanks to their great heart, we succeed in teaching to children, families, the best way to draw near to the horses and their world in simple and natural way.


HOLIDAYS IN "LE MARCHE" (Central Italy)              

There are many reasons to spend a holiday in the Region of Le Marche. It offers visitors the opportunity to sample its beauty, unspoilt charm, history, traditions, delightful atmosphere and friendly people. And we wouldn’t be writing about Italy if we didn’t mention the marvellous food that are unique to this area, products that even today still respect age-old traditional values and flavours.


Cingoli is a small, enchanting city in Italy’s Le Marche region. Situated 631 meters above sea level it is located in the heart of the Marchigiano hills. From here it’s possible to see the spectacular views and panorama of a large area of the Marchigiano territory and the Adriatic Sea. For this reason Cingoli is referred to as the “Balcony of Le Marche”. Cingoli is surrounded by over 4,500 hectares (more than 12.000 acres) of forests and woods that offer visitors the opportunity to discover nature in its natural habitat. There are options not only to visit on foot but, by horse or even on mountain bike. Cingoli also has the largest man-made lake in Central Italy. Of notable tourist interest is also the lake of Cingoli the greatest artificial basin in Central Italy.

Cingoli borders the Provinces of Macerata and Ancona. This allows its visitors to make trips to the many other beautiful spots in Le Marche and also to the neighbouring region of Umbria.


Dustin Hoffman recita Giacomo Leopardi "Le Marche, le scoprirai all'Infinito

Le Marche, le scoprirai all'Infinito"

Giacomo Leopardi

by Dustin Hoffman

News & Events


promotes the Marche

Region of Italy


We propose:

If what looks for is a calm place where to take back I say a word from this frantic world and to vacation in relaxing way to narrow I contact with the nature and the animals..... then are in the correct place!! 

appartamento e camera con camino ospitalità e soggiorno in bed & breakfast nelle Marche rifugio cavalli maltrattati e a fine carriera animali ammessi e benvenuti razze pericolose ammesse vacanze e soggiorno per i cani soggiorno a Cingoli Balcone delle Marche Motocross Marche Feste medievali e Rocca di Offagna Marche Qua la Zampa Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane


Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane

in vacanza con il cane

Associazione Bed & Breakfast "balcone delle Marche" di Cingoli


Rooms with bathrooms independent , private garden and fenced for vacations with animals to the succession, dogs and cats, because it is correct that also your friends to four legs come in vacation with you.... Read more >


The guest of the B&B is a careful person and party to know better the local culture. It loves the nature, the simple life and it sets the accent on the human contact.  Read more >



Our principal intent is that to offer to the abused horses or elderly, a second possibility, that to live a life and a dignified old age in a pleasant and absorbed environment in the green. Read more >


Pleasant and particularly suitable structure for the one that travels with animals to the succession; from us all the animals are admitted and welcome, indiscriminately from race and ransom! In vacation with the dog - with the cat (e/o other company animals) Read more >


Recommended of lovers of the animals: look at the photos of some of our hairy guests and will see how much they are had a good time to the Mago Ranch! Read more >


Cingoli said "Balcony of the Marche": stupendous show landscape able to satisfy both the interested visitor to the nature, to the history or to the sporting activity. Read more>


We have wanted to choose for You some magnificent places, only in his kind but unfortunately not known as they deserve.   Read more>



"For every pup of dog bought, a hairy dies only... and abandoned! Don't buy.... but Adopts! " Adopt a pup of dog foundling of the National League for the Defense of the Dog - looks at the photo!   Read more >





VACATIONS WITH THE DOG: enough with abandon him summer! The structures that welcome your animals there are now... Pet-Frendly in vacation portals with you!

This structure does it departs of the Associazione B&B "Balcone delle Marche" of Cingoli

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Altamarea gruppo musicale ticinese

soggiorno e turismo nelle marche Lago di Cingoli Castreccioni

Balcone delle Marche Italia