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Bed & Breakfast AL MAGO RANCH - Rifugio Cavalli - ASD Equestre - Cingoli (Macerata) Italia


DOGS AND CATS Pets welcome

Let's premise that have always been very sensitive to the discourse of abandon him but above all of the maltreatments that the animals keep on suffering from the "beast-men". Know very well that is not to find effortless structures that accept the animals and know that besides the great wickedness and cowardice of certain people, also this is one of the motives for the big number of abandon for the vacations!!  

cani benvenuti dog welcome animaux bienvenus

That is why Mago Ranch accepts all our four-legged friends, whatever their size or breed.

But we do not stop there: we have created, united to the independent rooms, a large and specifically designated area/garden.  This is completely fenced-in.  Here, your pet can run freely and without danger.

If you are coming on holiday with your pet, we also allow dogs and cats to stay with you.


una sana e felice convivenza tra animaliLet's love the animals and therefore our availability is total, in change ask however order and cleaning but above all that the other guests are respected but above all the other animals show up at the Center (dogs, cats, pony,  donkey,  horses, hens,.....) a healthy and happy cohabitation for everybody, in short!  

Board for the one that travels with animals to the succession: There are some norms of good education that you always be be respect well:  the ill-mannered behavior of some goes to be reflected themselves on all!! 

The fundamental rule to respect at "Al Mago Ranch" is a love of  nature and of animals in particular, though more than a rule, we consider this an attitude to life:  animals must be looked after,  respected and treated with dignity if we  want them do the same!!! 

If this rule does not seem  too hard to obey, you’ll be more than welcome !!!! 


Cani in vacanza al Mago Ranch


porta il tuo cane in vacanza con te turisti a quattro zampe






News & Events


looks at the photos:  good time for dogs to the Mago Ranch!! Read more >


"Hey Friend ....this year also wait for you!! "

We propose:

If what looks for is a calm place where to take back I say a word from this frantic world and to vacation in relaxing way to narrow I contact with the nature and the animals..... then are in the correct place!! 

casa di vacanza Marche Centro Italiaserate musicali con i Fireson's il mio amico cavallo in viaggio con Fido vacanze animali cani e animali domestici in vacanza con te Cingoli vicolo della Polisena Balcone delle Marche Santuario di Loreto Marche Adozione cani dalla Lega Nazionale per la Difesa del Cane



Rooms with bathrooms independent , private garden and fenced for vacations with animals to the succession, dogs and cats, because it is correct that also your friends to four legs come in vacation with you.... Read more >


The guest of the B&B is a careful person and party to know better the local culture. It loves the nature, the simple life and it sets the accent on the human contact.  Read more >



Our principal intent is that to offer to the abused horses or elderly, a second possibility, that to live a life and a dignified old age in a pleasant and absorbed environment in the green. Read more >




Pleasant and particularly suitable structure for the one that travels with animals to the succession; from us all the animals are admitted and welcome, indiscriminately from race and ransom! In vacation with the dog - with the cat (e/o other company animals) Read more >



Recommended of lovers of the animals: look at the photos of some of our hairy guests and will see how much they are had a good time to the Mago Ranch! Read more >



Cingoli said "Balcony of the Marche": stupendous show landscape able to satisfy both the interested visitor to the nature, to the history or to the sporting activity. Read more>



We have wanted to choose for You some magnificent places, only in his kind but unfortunately not known as they deserve.   Read more>



"For every pup of dog bought, a hairy dies only... and abandoned! Don't buy.... but Adopts! " Adopt a pup of dog foundling of the National League for the Defense of the Dog - looks at the photo!   Read more >

cani adottati al Mago Ranch