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Bed & Breakfast AL MAGO RANCH - Rifugio Cavalli - ASD Equestre - Cingoli (Macerata) Italia


Vacations to contact with the horses- Activity equestrian Centre for the recovery of the abused horses and elderly Association equestrian sport ASD Riding Club Mago Ranch

Our Association has been occupying him for different years of the recovery and the rehabilitation of the horses maltreatments subjects, elderly and wounded. Centre of support also for the LAV and the Protection animals.

protezione equini e cavalli maltrattati

Our Principal Intent is offer to the abused horses, elderly or cut from some pathology, that often, only for this motive, the slaughter house are destined to, a second possibility, that to live a life and a dignified old age in a pleasant environment, absorbed in the green and together with their friends of bad luck, taking takes care of him one of the other!



riabilitazione cavalli maltrattati

The Second Intent is that to show to the people that these marvellous living beings endowed with a great heart, have the right to be beloved and respected in every day of their life and that despite their different pathologies, I am able to give us anchor so much love. approccio e avvicinamento al cavallo


Only thanks to their great heart that every year we succeed in teaching to children, families and adults, the best way to draw near to the horses and their world in simple and natural way.

cavallo e pony per bambini


FOR THE JOY OF ALL THE CHILDREN: near our centre, they will find "Stella" nicknamed Titti, a charming and slightly cheeky Shetland pony ; she will give even the smallest kids the opportunity to have an exciting first time in the saddle,  and they will learn to brush her and to attend her.



un  cavallo come amico

A HORSE AS I BEFRIEND: The relationship that is built with them is not, and doesn't have to be of dominance! The respect of the animals is acquired above all it with the respect and with the trust and not with pressures, abuses and violence. If for the small animals of affection the country against the maltreatments is for a long time by now in action, unfortunately for the horses he is very slowly proceeding. Unfortunately in the world of the horses, they are still so many convinced that "it is better to dominate whether to be dominated" and violence seems to be one of the most rapid systems to get him.


Associazione sportiva equestre Riding Club Mago Ranch a CingoliEquestrian association "RIDING CLUB Mago Ranch" (ASD recognized by the C.O.N.I.): The association, been born to the beginning of 1997, it gathers partners of every age, united by the passion and the love for his/her own horse. Social activity develops him during the whole year with different methodologies: who has

transappenninica a cavallo Marche Vie verdi a cavallo tappa al Mago Rancha preference for walks and trekking, others that aim instead on thetraining and the technique with courses and stages, others instead that they deal him with the pension of the horses to end career, to the recovery and the equestrian rehabilitation.


horse-center centro cavalli maltrattati


our Association sporting work to voluntary character without some elegant of profit and he has been occupying for different years of the recovery of abused horses and elderly, giving them a dignified life and serenely accompanying them up to the end of their days. We don't receive any government funding and the only our source of subsistence and of whoever wants to help us with voluntary donations, even with a' distance adoption to allow so to all the volunteers to handle the maintenance to the cares and the comfort of these animals. 



with the distance adoption you can also change you the fate of horses and abused pony and destined to certain death. The offer is free and understands the certificate of adoption and periodic updating of your new friend. 


contact us, will send you the photos and the histories of the horses so will choose you what will want to help... and he will eternally be of it thankful!! 


We propose:

If what looks for is a calm place where to take back I say a word from this frantic world and to vacation in relaxing way to narrow I contact with the nature and the animals..... then are in the correct place!! 

case di vacanze Marche Centro Italia ospitalità e soggiorno Marche rifugio cavalli associazione sportiva ASD Riding CLub Mago Ranch cani e gatti ammessi in vacanza con gli animali cani e gatti in perfetta armonia convivenza felice Cingoli città d'arte vista dal Mago Ranch Grotte di Frasassi a Genga Marche in cerca di adozione Rifugio LNDC


Rooms with bathrooms independent , private garden and fenced for vacations with animals to the succession, dogs and cats, because it is correct that also your friends to four legs come in vacation with you.... Read more >


The guest of the B&B is a careful person and party to know better the local culture. It loves the nature, the simple life and it sets the accent on the human contact.  Read more >



Our principal intent is that to offer to the abused horses or elderly, a second possibility, that to live a life and a dignified old age in a pleasant and absorbed environment in the green. Read more >



Pleasant and particularly suitable structure for the one that travels with animals to the succession; from us all the animals are admitted and welcome, indiscriminately from race and ransom! In vacation with the dog - with the cat (e/o other company animals) Read more >



Recommended of lovers of the animals: look at the photos of some of our hairy guests and will see how much they are had a good time to the Mago Ranch! Read more >



Cingoli said "Balcony of the Marche": stupendous show landscape able to satisfy both the interested visitor to the nature, to the history or to the sporting activity. Read more>


We have wanted to choose for You some magnificent places, only in his kind but unfortunately not known as they deserve.   Read more>



"For every pup of dog bought, a hairy dies only... and abandoned! Don't buy.... but Adopts! " Adopt a pup of dog foundling of the National League for the Defense of the Dog - looks at the photo!   Read more >
















































"Here is our Lucky, that has spent his last part of life in serenity to the Mago Ranch despite traumas and blindness" 


And now introduce You of our horses that have shared with us a part of their life!